Automation system

Model No. CP23x system manual: M0007034C
SANMOTION_C_M0007034C.pdf [772KB]
Model No. CP24x
Model No. SMC263X
Model No. SMC265X
Automation system manual: M0010436C
SANMOTION_C_M0010436C.pdf [2.65MB]

CPU Module

Model No. SMC263X
Model No. SMC265X
Manual: M0011452
SANMOTION_C_M0011452.pdf [1.48MB]
Model No. CP240-A
Model No. CP242-A
Manual: M0010855B
SANMOTION_C_M0010855B.pdf [809KB]
Model No. CP232-Z Manual: M0006999D
SANMOTION_C_M0006999D.pdf [433KB]

Bus link Module

Model No. BL210-B Manual: M0010646
SANMOTION_C_M0010646.pdf [855KB]

I/O Module

Digital input/output module, Input 8points(Negative common type) Output 8points(Source type)

Model No. DM272-A Manual: M0010740
SANMOTION_C_M0010740.pdf [519KB]

Digital input/output module, Input 6points(Positive common type) Output 8points(Sink type)

Model No. DM276-A Manual: M0007977E
SANMOTION_C_M0007977E.pdf [857KB]

Analog hybrid module, Input 4ch、Output 4ch

Model No. AM280-A Manual: M0010836
SANMOTION_C_M0010836.pdf [714KB]

Digital input module, Input 16points(Positive common type)

Model No. DI266-A
Model No. DI266-B
Manual: M0008913C
SANMOTION_C_M0008913C.pdf [430KB]

Digital output module,Output 16points(Sink type)

Model No. DO276-A
Model No. DO276-B
Manual: M0008915C
SANMOTION_C_M0008915C.pdf [429KB]

Digital input module, Input 32points(Positive / Negative common available)

Model No. DI286-A Manual: M0010052B
SANMOTION_C_M0010052B.pdf [509KB]

Digital output module, Output 32points(Positive / Negative common available)

Model No. DO286-A
Model No. DO286-B
Manual: M0010053B
SANMOTION_C_M0010053B.pdf [512KB]

Field bus Module

GA1060 interface

Model No. FM299-A Manual: M0007285B
SANMOTION_C_M0007285B.pdf [335KB]

Interface Module

Serial interface

Model No. SM210-A(RS232C)
Model No. SM230-A(RS485/422)
Manual: M0007979
SANMOTION_C_M0007979.pdf [535KB]

Encoder Module

Model No. MM240-A Manual: M0007966C
SANMOTION_C_M0007966C.pdf [796KB]

Plug-in Module

CAN interface

Model No. FX200-A Manual: M0007000B
SANMOTION_C_M0007000B.pdf [272KB]

Ethernet interface

Model No. NX250-A Manual: M0006997B
SANMOTION_C_M0006997B.pdf [291KB]

Serial interface

Model No. SX210-A(RS232C)
Model No. SX230-A(RS485/422)
Manual: M0006998B
SANMOTION_C_M0006998B.pdf [359KB]
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