※All of the dimensions are provided in DXF files.


Motor flange size: 40mm×40mm

Standard models Model No. R2AA04003FXP00
R2AA04003FXP00.dxf [309KB]
Model No. R2AA04005FXP00
R2AA04005FXP00.dxf [304KB]
Model No. R2AA04010FXP00
R2AA04010FXP00.dxf [681KB]
With brake models Model No. R2AA04003FCP00
R2AA04003FCP00.dxf [376KB]
Model No. R2AA04005FCP00
R2AA04005FCP00.dxf [375KB]
Model No. R2AA04010FCP00
R2AA04010FCP00.dxf [373KB]

Motor flange size: 60mm×60mm

Standard models Model No. R2AA06010FXP00
R2AA06010FXP00.dxf [311KB]
Model No. R2AA06020FXP00
R2AA06020FXP00.dxf [313KB]
Model No. R2AA06040FXP00
R2AA06040FXP00.dxf [310KB]
With brake models Model No. R2AA06010FCP00
R2AA06010FCP00.dxf [384KB]
Model No. R2AA06020FCP00
R2AA06020FCP00.dxf [385KB]
Model No. R2AA06040FCP00
R2AA06040FCP00.dxf [390KB]

Motor flange size: 80mm×80mm

Standard models Model No. R2AA08020FXP00
R2AA08020FXP00.dxf [306KB]
Model No. R2AA08040FXP00
R2AA08040FXP00.dxf [300KB]
Model No. R2AA08075FXP00
R2AA08075FXP00.dxf [301KB]
With brake models Model No. R2AA06010FCP00
R2AA08020FCP00.dxf [651KB]
Model No. R2AA08040FCP00
R2AA08040FCP00.dxf [650KB]
Model No. R2AA08075FCP00
R2AA08075FCP00.dxf [377KB]


Single-Axis Servo Amplifiers

15A Model No. RS1A01AA
(Type S Absolute)
RS1A01AA.dxf [814KB]
Model No. RS1L01AA
(Type S Absolute)
RS1L01AA.dxf [937KB]
Model No. RS1A01AL
(CAN Open)
RS1A01AL.dxf [0.98MB]
Model No. RS1J01AL
(CAN Open)
RS1J01AL.dxf [986KB]
25A Model No. RS1C02AL
(CAN Open)
RS1C02_001.dxf [1.09MB]
30A Model No. RS1A03AA
(Type S Absolute)
RS1A03AA.dxf [914KB]
Model No. RS1L03AA
(Type S Absolute)
RS1L03AA.dxf [1.02MB]
Model No. RS1A03AL
(CAN Open)
RS1A03AL.dxf [1.11MB]
Model No. RS1J03AL
(CAN Open)
RS1J03AL.dxf [1.09MB]
50A Model No. RS1A05AA
RS1A05AA.dxf [833KB]
Model No. RS1C05AL
(CAN Open)
RS1C05_001.dxf [1.37MB]
Model No. RS1L05AL
(CAN Open)
RS1L05AL.dxf [1.03MB]
Model No. RS1J05AL
(CAN Open)
RS1J05AL.dxf [1.02MB]
100A Model No. RS1A10AA
RS1A10AA.dxf [633KB]
150A Model No. RS1A15AA
RS1A15AA.dxf [0.98MB]
300A Model No. RS1A30AA
RS1A30AA.dxf [2.12MB]

Multi-axis Servo Amplifiers

15A Amplifier Unit Model No. RR1A01A
RR1A01_001.dxf [700KB]
30A Amplifier Unit Model No. RR1A03A
RR1A03_001.dxf [654KB]
4shaft Motherboard Model No. RRMA400
RRM400_001.dxf [463KB]
6shaft Motherboard Model No. RRMA600
RRM600_001.dxf [575KB]
8shaft Motherboard Model No. RRMA800
RRM800_0001.dxf [681KB]
Power Unit Model No. RRPAA00
RRPA_001.dxf [1.20MB]