※All of the dimensions are provided in DXF files.


Motor flange size: 40mm×40mm

Standard models Model No. Q1EA04003DXS00
Q1EA04003DXS00.dxf [179KB]
Model No. Q1EA04005DXS00
Q1EA04005DXS00.dxf [152KB]
Model No. Q1EA04010DXS00
Q1EA04010DXS00.dxf [168KB]
With brake models Model No. Q1EA04003DCS00
Q1EA04003DCS00.dxf [173KB]
Model No. Q1EA04005DCS00
Q1EA04005DCS00.dxf [181KB]
Model No. Q1EA04010DCS00
Q1EA04010DCS00.dxf [400KB]

Motor flange size: 42mm×42mm

Standard models Model No. Q2EA04006DXS00
Q2EA04006DXS00.dxf [181KB]
Model No. Q2EA04010DXS00
Q2EA04010DXS00.dxf [155KB]
With brake models Model No. Q2EA04006DCS00
Q2EA04006DCS00.dxf [187KB]
Model No. Q2EA04010DCS00
Q2EA04010DCS00.dxf [257KB]

Motor flange size: 54mm×54mm

Standard models Model No. Q2EA05005DXS00
Q2EA05005DXS00.dxf [171KB]
Model No. Q2EA05010DXS00
Q2EA05010DXS00.dxf [170KB]
Model No. Q2EA05020DXS00
Q2EA05020DXS00.dxf [156KB]
With brake models Model No. Q2EA05005DCS00
Q2EA05005DCS00.dxf [119KB]
Model No. Q2EA05010DCS00
Q2EA05010DCS00.dxf [137KB]
Model No. Q2EA05020DCS00
Q2EA05020DCS00.dxf [146KB]

Motor flange size: 60mm×60mm

Standard models Model No. Q1EA06020DXS00
Q1EA06020DXS00.dxf [126KB]
With brake models Model No. Q1EA06020DCS00
Q1EA06020DCS00.dxf [180KB]

Motor flange size: 76mm×76mm

Standard models Model No. Q2EA07020DXS00
Q2EA07020DXS00.dxf [116KB]
With brake models Model No. Q2EA07020DCS00
Q2EA07020DCS00.dxf [155KB]

Motor flange size: 86mm×86mm

With brake models Model No. Q2AA08100DCS00
Q2AA08100DCS00.dxf [116KB]

Motor flange size: 100mm×100mm

Standard models Model No. Q1AA10100DXS00
Q1AA10100DXS00.dxf [425KB]
Model No. Q1AA10150DXS00
Q1AA10150DXS00.dxf [423KB]
Model No. Q1AA10200DXS00
Q1AA10200DXS00.dxf [424KB]
Model No. Q1AA10250DXS00
Q1AA10250DXS00.dxf [426KB]
Model No. Q2AA10100HXS00
Q2AA10100HXS00.dxf [164KB]
Model No. Q2AA10150HXS00
Q2AA10150HXS00.dxf [397KB]
With brake models Model No. Q1AA10100DCS00
Q1AA10100DCS00.dxf [440KB]
Model No. Q1AA10150DBS00
Q1AA10150DBS00.dxf [439KB]
Model No. Q1AA10200DCS00
Q1AA10200DCS00.dxf [249KB]
Model No. Q1AA10250DCS00
Q1AA10250DCS00.dxf [446KB]
Model No. Q2AA10100HCS00
Q2AA10100HCS00.dxf [430KB]
Model No. Q2AA10150HCS00
Q2AA10150HCS00.dxf [196KB]

Motor flange size: 120mm×120mm

Standard models Model No. Q1AA12100DXS00
Q1AA12100DXS00.dxf [441KB]
Model No. Q1AA12200DXS00
Q1AA12200DXS00.dxf [243KB]
Model No. Q1AA12300DXS00
Q1AA12300DXS00.dxf [436KB]
With brake models Model No. Q1AA12100DCS00
Q1AA12100DCS00.dxf [457KB]
Model No. Q1AA12200DCS00
Q1AA12200DCS00.dxf [457KB]
Model No. Q1AA12300DBS00
Q1AA12300DBS00.dxf [453KB]

Motor flange size: 130mm×130mm

Standard models Model No. Q1AA13300DXS00
Q1AA13300DXS00.dxf [444KB]
Model No. Q1AA13400DXS00
Q1AA13400DXS00.dxf [445KB]
Model No. Q1AA13500DXS00
Q1AA13500DXS00.dxf [446KB]
Model No. Q2AA13100HXS00
Q2AA13100HXS00.dxf [224KB]
Model No. Q2AA13150HXS00
Q2AA13150HXS00.dxf [448KB]
Model No. Q2AA13200HXS00
Q2AA13200HXS00.dxf [449KB]
With brake models Model No. Q1AA13300DCS00
Q1AA13300DCS00.dxf [449KB]
Model No. Q1AA13400DCS00
Q1AA13400DCS00.dxf [455KB]
Model No. Q1AA13500DCS00
Q1AA13500DCS00.dxf [456KB]
Model No. Q2AA13100HCS00M
Q2AA13100HCS00M.dxf [266KB]
Model No. Q2AA13150HCS00
Q2AA13150HCS00.dxf [462KB]
Model No. Q2AA13200HCS00
Q2AA13200HCS00.dxf [465KB]

Motor flange size: 180mm×180mm

Standard models Model No. Q1AA18450MXS00
Q1AA18450MXS00.dxf [235KB]
Model No. Q1AA18750HXS00
Q1AA18750HXS00.dxf [243KB]
Model No. Q2AA18200HXS00
Q2AA18200HXS00.dxf [219KB]
Model No. Q2AA18350HXS00
Q2AA18350HXS00.dxf [224KB]
Model No. Q2AA18450HXS00
Q2AA18450HXS00.dxf [241KB]
Model No. Q2AA18550RXS00
Q2AA18550RXS00.dxf [475KB]
Model No. Q2AA18750LXS00
Q2AA18750LXS00.dxf [245KB]
Model No. Q4AA1811KBXS00
Q4AA1811KBXS00.dxf [693KB]
Model No. Q4AA1815KBXS00
Q4AA1815KBXS00.dxf [674KB]
With brake models Model No. Q1AA18450MCS00
Q1AA18450MCS00.dxf [473KB]
Model No. Q1AA18750HCS00
Q1AA18750HCS00.dxf [275KB]
Model No. Q2AA18200HCS00
Q2AA18200HCS00.dxf [221KB]
Model No. Q2AA18350HCS00
Q2AA18350HCS00.dxf [225KB]
Model No. Q2AA18450HCS00
Q2AA18450HCS00.dxf [244KB]
Model No. Q2AA18550RCS00
Q2AA18550RCS00.dxf [264KB]
Model No. Q2AA18750LCS00
Q2AA18750LCS00.dxf [506KB]

Motor flange size: 220mm×220mm

Standard models Model No. Q2AA2211KVXS00
Q2AA2211KVXS00.dxf [486KB]
Model No. Q2AA2215KVXS00
Q2AA2215KVXS00.dxf [246KB]
Model No. Q2AA22550BXS00
Q2AA22550BXS00.dxf [488KB]
Model No. Q2AA22700SXS00
Q2AA22700SXS00.dxf [262KB]
With brake models Model No. Q2AA2211KVCS00
Q2AA2211KVCS00.dxf [515KB]
Model No. Q2AA2215KVCS00
Q2AA2215KVCS00.dxf [290KB]
Model No. Q2AA22250BCS00
Q2AA22250BCS00.dxf [344KB]
Model No. Q2AA22700SCS00
Q2AA22700SCS00.dxf [333KB]