※All of the dimensions are provided in DXF files.


Motor flange size: 28mm×28mm

Standard models Model No. SH5281-3211
SH5281-3211.dxf [96KB]
Model No. SH5281-3241
SH5281-3241.dxf [94KB]
Model No. SH5285-3211
SH5285-3211.dxf [96KB]
Model No. SH5285-3241
SH5285-3241.dxf [95KB]
Model No. 103F3505-7011
103F3505-7011.dxf [94KB]
Model No. 103F3505-7041
103F3505-7041.dxf [91KB]
Model No. 103F3515-7011
103F3515-7011.dxf [93KB]
Model No. 103F3515-7041
103F3515-7041.dxf [91KB]
Model No. 103H3505-7010
103H3505-7010.dxf [353KB]
Model No. 103H3505-7020
103H3505-7020.dxf [163KB]
Model No. 103H3505-7040
103H3505-7040.dxf [401KB]
Model No. 103H3505-7070
103H3505-7070.dxf [230KB]
Model No. 103H3515-7010
103H3515-7010.dxf [403KB]
Model No. 103H3515-7020
103H3515-7020.dxf [243KB]
Model No. 103H3515-7040
103H3515-7040.dxf [73KB]
Model No. 103H3515-7070
103H3515-7070.dxf [303KB]
Spur gear models Model No. 103F3505-70GXA1
103F3505-70GXA1.dxf [82KB]
Model No. 103F3505-70GXA4
103F3505-70GXA4.dxf [201KB]
Harmonic gear model Model No. 103F3505-70HXL1
103F3505-70HXL1.dxf [212KB]
Model No. 103F3505-70HXL4
103F3505-70HXL4.dxf [280KB]

Motor flange size: 42mm×42mm

Standard models Model No. 103F5505-7011
103F5505-7011.dxf [61KB]
Model No. 103F5505-7041
103F5505-7041.dxf [95KB]
Model No. 103F5508-7011
103F5508-7011.dxf [96KB]
Model No. 103F5508-7041
103F5508-7041.dxf [129KB]
Model No. 103F5510-7011
103F5510-7011.dxf [61KB]
Model No. 103F5510-7041
103F5510-7041.dxf [94KB]
Model No. 103H5505-7010
103H5505-7010.dxf [96KB]
Model No. 103H5505-7040
103H5505-7040.dxf [91KB]
Model No. 103H5508-7010
103H5508-7010.dxf [93KB]
Model No. 103H5508-7040
103H5508-7040.dxf [91KB]
Model No. 103H5510-7010
103H5510-7010.dxf [93KB]
Model No. 103H5510-7040
103H5510-7040.dxf [91KB]
Low-backlash gear models Model No. 103F5505-70CXA1
103F5505-70CXA1.dxf [120KB]
Model No. 103F5505-70CXA4
103F5505-70CXA4.dxf [148KB]
Harmonic gear model Model No. 103F5505-70HXJ2
103F5505-70HXJ2.dxf [63KB]
Model No. 103F5505-70HXJ5
103F5505-70HXJ5.dxf [61KB]
Electromagnetic brake model Model No. 103F5505-70XB41
103F5505-70XB41.dxf [67KB]
Model No. 103F5508-70XB41
103F5508-70XB41.dxf [143KB]
Model No. 103F5510-70XB41
103F5510-70XB41.dxf [101KB]

Motor flange size: 60mm×60mm

Standard models Model No. 103F7851-7011
103F7851-7011.dxf [594KB]
Model No. 103F7851-7041
103F7851-7041.dxf [522KB]
Model No. 103F7852-7011
103F7852-7011.dxf [846KB]
Model No. 103F7852-7041
103F7852-7041.dxf [93KB]
Model No. 103F7853-7011
103F7853-7011.dxf [421KB]
Model No. 103F7853-7041
103F7853-7041.dxf [486KB]
Model No. 103H7851-7021
103H7851-7021.dxf [113KB]
Model No. 103H7851-7051
103H7851-7051.dxf [200KB]
Model No. 103H7852-7021
103H7852-7021.dxf [114KB]
Model No. 103H7852-7051
103H7852-7051.dxf [287KB]
Model No. 103H7853-7021
103H7853-7021.dxf [418KB]
Model No. 103H7853-7051
103H7853-7051.dxf [374KB]
Low-backlash gear models Model No. 103F7851-70CXA1
103F7851-70CXA1.dxf [440KB]
Model No. 103F7851-70CXA4
103F7851-70CXA4.dxf [501KB]
Harmonic gear model Model No. 103F7851-70HXL1
103F7851-70HXL1.dxf [575KB]
Model No. 103F7851-70HXL4
103F7851-70HXL4.dxf [645KB]
Electromagnetic brake model Model No. 103F7851-70XB41
103F7851-70XB41.dxf [91KB]
Model No. 103F7852-70XB41
103F7852-70XB41.dxf [91KB]
Model No. 103F7853-70XB41
103F7853-70XB41.dxf [91KB]

Motor flange size: 86mm×86mm

Standard models Model No. 103H8581-7011
103H8581-7011.dxf [77KB]
Model No. 103H8581-7041
103H8581-7041.dxf [238KB]
Model No. 103H8582-7011
103H8582-7011.dxf [76KB]
Model No. 103H8582-7041
103H8582-7041.dxf [184KB]
Model No. 103H8583-7011
103H8583-7011.dxf [76KB]
Model No. 103H8583-7041
103H8583-7041.dxf [129KB]
Low-backlash gear models Model No. 103F8581-70CXA1
103F8581-70CXA1.dxf [253KB]
Model No. 103F8581-70CXA4
103F8581-70CXA4.dxf [306KB]
Harmonic gear model Model No. 103F8581-70HXL1
103F8581-70HXL1.dxf [86KB]
Model No. 103F8581-70HXL4
103F8581-70HXL4.dxf [90KB]
Electromagnetic brake model Model No. 103F8581-70XB41
103F8581-70XB41.dxf [79KB]
Model No. 103F8582-70XB41
103F8582-70XB41.dxf [79KB]
Model No. 103F8583-70XB41
103F8583-70XB41.dxf [78KB]

Motor flange size: 106mm×106mm

Standard models Model No. 103H89582-7011
103H89582-7011.dxf [83KB]
Model No. 103H89582-7041
103H89582-7041.dxf [145KB]
Model No. 103H89583-7011
103H89583-7011.dxf [144KB]
Model No. 103H89583-7041
103H89583-7041.dxf [205KB]



Model No. FP1W075P00
FP1W_001.dxf [1.32MB]
Model No. FS1W075P00
FS1W_001.dxf [1.18MB]


Model No. FS1D140P00
FS1D_001.dxf [690KB]
Model No. FS2D140C00
FS2D_001.dxf [633KB]
Model No. FS3D035C00
FS3D_001.dxf [807KB]