Airflow Tester software


This software can read, display, and save measurement data, such as system impedance, operating airflow, and P-Q performance measured by the Airflow Tester, using a computer.

  1. Save measured data in .csv format
  2. Read the saved .csv format data
  3. Check atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity conditions at the time of the measurement
  4. Find the impedance coefficient of the measured system impedance

Applicable models

Airflow Tester

  • 9AT2560 series

System Requirement

PC IBM PC/AT-compatible
Memory 2 GB (recommended)
Hard-disk Space ×86: 950 MB (recommended)
×64: 2.1 GB (recommended)
(Including Microsoft .NET Framework 4)
Display 1024 × 768 (recommended)
Applicable OS Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows® 8 (32/64-bit)
Language: Japanese, English
Required Software Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or later
Driver for Ratoc REX-USB60F
Others USB port


It is necessary to install a driver for the USB serial converter prior to using the converter for the first time.
A driver CD and installation guide are packaged with the USB serial converter. Install the driver following the instructions in the included installation guide.
Note: Click this link to install the USB driver from the RATOC Systems website.

RATOC Systems
REX-USB60F for Windows driver download page

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1. License Grants
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4. Legal Disclaimer
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6. Governing Law
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Data Viewer Software
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Please read and accept the terms of the License Agreement before downloading the software.

「License Agreement」

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1.License Grant
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Licensor withholds the copyright to the Software and pertinent documentation (including those on electric media) under the Copyright Act of Japan.

3.Disclaimer of Warranty and Restrictions

Although the Software is designed to perform functions as specified in the instruction manual, Licensor shall not be held responsible for all the operations and functions under the all circumstances because of the reasons such as the operation system version up or the existence of the various kinds of hardware (PC).
In the occurrence of imperfections and operational failures, please contact with Licensor. Our warranty on the operations and functions does not apply to the following cases either, and the uses under the following instances shall be prohibited:
In any case, Licensor's entire liability under any provision of this agreement shall not exceed in the aggregate the sum of the fees Licensee paid to Licensor for the AC Servo System.

  1. install or use the Software on hardware other than specified or on the operating system whose version is other than specified, in the instruction manual; or
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4.Limitation of Liability

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6.Governing Laws and Covenants

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